[Alumni Talk Show] Reality Check: Expectation vs Reality at Work

Date Place Details
Sampoerna University SL 19th Floor

In this "Reality Check: Expectations vs Reality at Work" episode, we're excited to have Muhammad Adhantya Ismail, I Gede Raditya Permana, Muhammad Rezky Wardana, Salsabila Shiellany, Mira Aprillia, and Marenthina as our guest.

Speakers Name, Position, and Company :

  • Muhammad Adhantya Ismail, Management System, Kalbe Nutritionist
  • I Gede Raditya Permana, Sales Development Program, Ingersoll Rand
  • Muhammad Rezky Wardana, Purchasing Officer, PT Hanes Supply Chain Indonesia
  • Salsabila Shiellany, IB PYP Homeroom Teacher, Al Jabr Islamic School
  • Mira Aprillia, Commercial Project Manager, Siemens Indonesia
  • Marenthina, Student Organization Development, Sampoerna University